Queer Dye is a unique, individual and welcoming small business run by us, Danielle and Jessica. We make everything to order by hand.

A wise one once said that "the discontent and frustration you feel is entirely your own creation"... Well as two very creative people, this hit hard for us. We decided to create our own happiness during a very difficult time in our life, mainly due to covid, and that is how Queer Dye emerged! Now we welcome more and more wonderful people to the Queer Dye Family daily. 

QD has been a life-long dream from the need to fuel our lives with something we are both passionate about. Since the day we first met to the day we got engaged, we had always worked side by side as employees, so it was important that QD could be our journey, that we could embark upon together. 


If you have seen us on Social Media already, you may know that as a couple we are affected by severe Endometriosis. Our brand is helping us to receive the treatment needed, in order to make this terminal condition bearable in day to day life and with hope we can raise some awareness for other women suffering too!


Alongside the Endometriosis we also have so many other 'whys'!


We would like QD to be a place of love and support! We have so many causes we aim to help for example Dogs Trust, Breast Cancer and LGBTQ+ Charities are some very close to our hearts, but also so many more! Our QD Family give so much to us and make us who we are, so we always aim to give back. 

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Danielle is a talented and creative person, from screen-printing to sewing, she can do it all! She found this side of her got pushed to background, while the work life took over and it was always her dream to reignite the spark with her own clothing brand!





Jessica is a German and Russian graduate with a love for crafting things. 

Jess always dreamed of owning her own business, having her own purpose, as she always felt a little 'lost' working for others. 

A place where she can take her dog to work is the only place she wants to be!




It would be rude not to include our most cherished member of staff, George! He has a multitude of roles from professional napper, stock sniffer, moral support provider to expert cuddle giver. No matter what he helps us with, he is always sure to make us smile.